I've got a brand-new website - now what?

Congratulations!  Launching a website is a big milestone in the development of your business.  An online presence is almost a necessity in the twenty-first century. However, many companies fall into the trap of ticking the box and then paying it no further attention.  Making sure your website is working for you requires continuous investment of time and resources.

Here are some tips on how:

Content is king

You may have a stunning new website, with impressive images, but one of the key elements to make it rank highly is relevant content that is accessible and useful to visitors.  Regular updates with additional news, blogs and articles will help.  Videos are an effective way to improve the site’s ranking, particularly if they are testimonials from your customers.  However, make sure any visual media is professionally produced and it is more likely to be viewed and shared. Poor quality media could undermine your brand.  You may find our article on content marketing useful.  Give your customers the opportunity to leave reviews on your site.  User-generated content can be a powerful endorsement of your products and/or services.

Consistent messaging

It is vital that the website is fully integrated with your company’s wider digital channels, such as social media, e-marketing and blogs hosted on other platforms.  The messaging needs to be consistent with your commercial objectives.

Marketing automation

You may wish to consider marketing automation to manage your campaigning across all digital channels automatically.  These platforms allow you to programme tailored communication with potential customers, based on their interaction with your website, to establish a long-lasting relationship and opportunities to up- and/or cross-sell.

Mobile friendly

About half the population now use their smart phone to access the internet.  Your website needs to be mobile friendly or you will miss out.  Any new content needs to be checked to ensure it displays correctly.  Google has a test tool to help you.


Use Google Analytics to monitor how your website is performing.  The data can help to identify what adjustments need to be made to improve your ranking and click-through rate.  If the bounce rate is high, it may be that your metadata or keywords are attracting the wrong people to your site, so review them.  

Recognise your own limitations

However familiar you are with maintaining your website, you may not have the spare capacity to keep it up to date and develop fresh content.  Don’t let your efforts in launching the site go to waste.  Investing in professional help to reach your target audience will pay dividends.

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