Growth through a commitment to quality and service

Main Dental Partners Limited (MDP) was formed in 2013 with the objective of creating and operating a chain of private dental practices in the UK, with an initial focus on the South West region. The company aims to acquire existing dental practices and improve their commercial performance to reach maximum potential, through:

  • Provision of a wider range of dental services/facilities, including more cosmetic procedures 
  • Increasing customer retention through an improved and consistent approach to patient care and experience
  • Effective marketing and promotional activity around each practice to drive new custom 

MDP’s vision is to become a trusted brand in the private dental market in the UK with a reputation for quality and service, attracting dental practice owners to integrate their practices into the group and young ambitious dentists to become partners. The MDP group seeks to improve operational efficiencies and reap economies of scale within each practice by having a wider corporate infrastructure to provide support functions.

Marketing support

The Niblett Whellams Partnership has provided specialist professional support to help increase the volume of dental implant cases treated within the MDP group. Dr James Main, a dentist based in Glastonbury, has a special interest in providing implant treatment for people with missing teeth.

We have worked closely together to raise awareness, generate additional enquiries from people with missing teeth and get them into the chair for treatment planning.”  
Dr James Main

The Niblett Whellams Partnership was appointed at the beginning of 2014 to provide specialist marketing help and advice.  We have been providing services to help increase patient numbers and scale up the average spend on treatment.

  • Providing group and practice level marketing strategy advice and planning
  • Supporting promulgation of the group’s mission and service standards amongst constituent practices
  • Supporting adoption of a more holistic approach to dental care, to increase treatment fee income and satisfaction of existing patients 
  • Developing and implementing campaigns and events to:
    • Raise awareness of group practices amongst the target population(s) within their respective geographical footprints
    • Gain more patients for premium treatments (such as dental implants)
    • Promote take-up of additional cosmetic treatments (such as teeth whitening)
    • Encourage recommendation of clinicians/practices to acquaintances by existing patients
    • Attract new general practice patients from the local population
  • Managing the development of a model practice website and application across the group’s current practices 
  • Providing professional help to practice managers with development of appropriate topical news content for local website and social media channels 
  • Supporting key practitioner(s) with communications and events to increase implant case referrals from local general dentists and colleagues within the group 

MDP was established with an equity investment from Chelverton Asset Management and its funding partners. Chelverton is a boutique asset management business with a specialist focus on investing in sub-FTSE 100 equities and unquoted SMEs.

Marketing check-up

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